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As an outdoor enthusiast and MTB lover, you may know this – there is never just ONE sport. There is your great love but your heart is beating for many things. You are easy to inspire to try new things and to push your limits. Perhaps it is the joy and the adrenaline that is released when you move a little outside your comfort zone or when you can simply be active outdoors in nature. With us it’s no different – to start biking was basically a logical path, a mixture of our roots and the always blazing interest to develop further athletically.

For us it all started with the first rush of adrenaline on the skateboard. Back in the days. The wild 80s and the hour zero of this fascinating subculture. The clacking of the rolls on the curb, the first ollie and the first time dropping into a ramp. Unforgettable, nostalgic and eternally formative.

The next love is quickly discovered – skating on the water. A passion that is immediately captivating and an experience that won’t let you go so quickly. Frustration and reward lay similarly close here and that is certainly the addictive factor. It’s not a sport you learn quickly and believe us – it’s definitely not like riding a bike. After a longer break you will start again from the beginning. We love surfing. The big respect for the power of nature. The adrenaline. But as much as we are in tune with nature, the sea and its tides, we are at its mercy: swell, wind and weather don’t always do what we want and so there are often days, even weeks, when nothing works at all. The horror for every surfer. A compensation is needed! And we quickly found it here in Portugal – endless trails along the beautiful steep coast of Portugal invite you to explore. Again, a new love is born!

On the MTB you will have similar sensations like you have on the surfboard or the skateboard – you can only function in the moment, in the here and now: 100% focus on challenging routes and steep single trails, your physical fitness is challenged and above all – the rush of adrenaline, the pushing of your comfort zone, the handling of fears.

At Da Silva Surfcamp in Praia Da Areia Branca you can now have all of this in one unique combination.

Deep in our hearts we are skaters – that’s how it all started! And so we fulfilled a long-cherished dream here in our beautiful surf camp and built ourselves a mini ramp in the garden. Skating is the perfect complement to surfing – you train balance and you can imitate movements you perform in the waves.

Away from the waves, the surroundings of the surf camp offer a huge playground with countless beautiful mountain bike routes. There are tours through the rustic back country past vineyards and olive groves, where you rarely meet other people. Single trails of various kinds lead along the fascinating cliffs and offer you a breathtaking view of the Atlantic Ocean.

The shuttle bus also takes us to much higher mountains, which are perfect for unforgettable day trips. There you can also find extended downhill routes and a bunch of challenging single trails for every taste. In any case you will get to know Portugal in a unique way – exercise, a little adventure and adrenaline are always there.

The combination of surfing, mountain biking and skating! Ideal for every surfer who wants to go mountain biking on holiday, and for every mountain biker who wants to go surfing on holiday. The good thing about it is: in the surf camp you can spend your days surfing with good waves and on the other days you can go on the MTB trails. Three days surfing, three days mountain biking! On the mini ramp it’s up to your whim – before surfing, after biking or between two sessions? You decide! Maybe skating in a ramp is new for you? No problem at all! We will happily give you an introduction and have you in mind during your first attempts :) Is there more to come in a week?

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